Center for Biological Diversity: Endangered Earth - Online # 158

11/3/1998 462


For nearly a century, the waters of Fossil Creek have been choked off by dams constructed by Arizona Public Service Company (APS). The flows feed the Childs and Irving electric power plants. The first dam diverts nearly the entire flow of the creek, leaving only the first quarter mile of Fossil Creek functioning naturally. The rest, a 14-mile stretch, lies barren while the water is transported in an ugly scar of a metal flume from plant to plant, never returning to the thirsty streambed.

Now, the license APS needs to operate the Fossil Creek power plants is due for renewal, giving APS the perfect opportunity to forfeit a tiny bit of revenue-producing power to restore a rare ecosystem. Unfortunately, APS has instead applied to continue operating the plants for another 30 years.

Call, write and fax APS today! Tell them to decommission the power plants and restore the river instead of continuing this atrocity:

Bill Post, President, Arizona Public Service Company

P.O. Box 53999, Phoenix, AZ 85072-3999

Phone (602) 250-2588, Fax (602) 250-3002

Richard Snell, Chairman, Pinnacle West Capital Corporation

P.O. Box 52132, Phoenix, AZ 85072-2132

Phone (602) 379-2600, Fax (602) 379-2625