Center for Biological Diversity: Endangered Earth - Online # 211

11/3/1999 674


For 90 years the Arizona Public Service Company (APS) has dammed and diverted 98% of the entire flow of Fossil Creek to run their Irving and Childs power plants.

This gorgeous stream, which flows from one of Arizona's largest springs, is being sacrificed to produce one-tenth of one percent of all the electrical power generated by APS. The first dam diverts nearly the entire flow of the creek, leaving only the first quarter mile of Fossil Creek functioning naturally. The rest, a 25-mile stretch, lies barren while the water is transported in an ugly scar of a metal flume from plant to plant, never returning to the thirsty streambed.

Long run on a series of temporary permits, APS has submitted a 30 year application for re-licensing to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) under the Federal Power Act. The Center has asked FERC to deny the application. Ninety years of corporate greed is enough. Full flows need to be returned to Fossil Creek. APS' dams and the two power plants must be de-commissioned.

Join the Center for Biological Diversity in a protest against continuing the destruction of Fossil Creek by APS. On 11-18-99 a large group of river activists will gather at the APS headquarters in Phoenix. APS' headquarters is on the northwest corner of 5th St. and Van Buren. The gathering will be from 11am to 2 pm. Signs, materials, carpools, parking, and refreshments will be provided. Contact Lisa Force for more information 602-246-6498,

If you can't make it to the protest, call or write APS today. Tell them to withdraw their application, de-commission the power plants, and restore full flows to Fossil Creek.


Bill Post, President, Arizona Public Service Company
P.O. Box 53999, Phoenix, AZ 85072-3999
Phone (602) 250-2588, Fax (602) 250-3002

Richard Snell, Chairman, Pinnacle West Capital Corporation
P.O. Box 52132, Phoenix, AZ 85072-2132
Phone (602) 379-2600, Fax (602) 379-2625